Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is what happens when you get busy in life...

My room accidentally exploded this week.

I realize this post has nothing to do with actual teaching, it is more just the side effects of teaching. It's amazing that in the interview for my job, I actually sold myself as a "highly organized person."

In other developments, last week, around Thursday, I finally started to feel somewhat comfortable in my job, like I had a hold on things. Of course, this week I have 165 papers coming in (85 personal narratives, 80 outside reading reports), so that might change. But I do feel like I have developed bit of a rhythm, I know what to expect from my students and they know what to expect from me. I'm not nearly as exhausted every night, nor am I desperately scrounging for lessons at 11 PM every night. Don't get me wrong, I'm not quite cool as a cucumber yet. I'm still an anxious, insecure first-year teacher. But my stress-induced heart palpitations have definitely decreased :-)

With this newfound comfort, I think I might be ready to start living on my own. I've been perusing craigslist lately looking at apartments. I'd like to live in St. Paul, which would shave off a good 10-15 minutes from my commuting time. I imagine myself inhabiting the childhood home of F. Scott Fitzgerald, with the original hardwood floors and porcelain sinks, his writing inspiration seeping in through the white wood trimmed windows. *Sigh* But I'll settle for something close...a 1 bedroom with hardwood floors will do. Anyone know of anything available?

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Franny said...

This blows my whole image of how organized you are. Where are those supervisor skills? ? ?

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