Sunday, September 26, 2010


Went to Value Village this weekend to shop for a very special upcoming birthday (you know who you are, missy!) and bought loads and loads of books for my classroom instead. My students are required to do a lot of outside reading in different genres (and, shocking fact, there is no library at my school). They tend to lean toward the classics, so I plucked those off the shelf first. I was happily surprised to see The Odyssey and As I Lay Dying (a personal favorite). I also grabbed some fun ones: Lightning Thief, Marley & Me, and Miracle Wimp. They seemed interesting!

My lovely roommate snapped some very artistic photos of my new books.

On a related note, I'm hoping to begin To Kill a Mockingbird with my 8th graders on Friday! I'm looking forward to it mostly because I already have an entire unit plan I created for it in college. It will be nice to have some breathing time from the nightly planning scrambles.

Happy Fall, everyone! Enjoy the changes.


sgetty said...

Wow Maddie, you found a way to talk up our Techniques curriculum for the panel discussion! A-plus-plus :-)

Maddie Baird said...

Haha...I'm not even up to my usual brown nosing antics. Seriously, I am so happy I made that plan at this point! Making up lessons the night before is catching up to me in the form of serious exhaustion.

Lisa said...

By the way, what should I read during my Hawaii trip Ms. Baird?

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