Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Personal Learning Target: I can be organized!

Yep, I've got a "Learning Target" for myself. It's all about getting organized...with my teaching and with my life.

I am not, by any means, a spokesperson for organization. You can ask my (insanely) organized friend Kim. When she first met me in 2011, my organization in my classroom was a tragic mess. It would not have been uncommon for me to be seen desperately searching for a lost assignment or panicking at the copy machine two minutes before class started.

But those days are over! With my new school and more time on hands has come the ability to start fresh, and be the teacher I have always wanted to be. So here's a little peek at my classroom...

My lovely bulletin boards...

My labeled drawers of everything you could possibly need... Copied from Pinterest, of course. The plastic box of drawers was found in the sewing section of Joann (It was a little pricey, so use the Joann coupon App if you want to buy one). I made the labels using PicMonkey and scrapbook paper and just taped them on the sides of the drawers.
Oh, and you can see my binders for the classes I'm teaching. I have always attempted to make binders with hand-outs, but this year I have gotten in the habit of three hole punching a copy of every single assignment and putting it in the binder. A simple way to make my life easier in the future.

 My sub folder was my big project last night. I'm happy with the results. I included a picture of one of the templates I made too.

Weekly agenda on the back whiteboard for the students. The days of the week and subjects are laminated with magnets so I can move them around when I get new classes next trimester.

 Learning targets on the front whiteboard for the kids to see daily.

The next picture really has nothing to do with organization... I was just really excited to get to use my sister's new Silhouette printer/cutter (I'm obsessed). Also, who says high school teachers can't use corny puns too?

Oh and this summer I made this binder for organizing my finances. I'd show you a pic of the template I made for budgeting out my monthly bills and expenses but that's getting a little too personal.

 So that's it! A tour of my classroom and a peek at my life. So far, I'm on track with my Learning Target. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll still feel this organized!


Lisa said...

Impressive! Can you organize my craft room now?

Marybeth Penna said...

Where did you get those Literary Devices posters above your board?

Maddie B. said...

Oh my goodness, it's been awhile... I believe I got them at allposters.com.
I am thinking about getting rid of them this year! Any chance you live in MN? :-)

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