Monday, July 28, 2014


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Decorating for a high school classroom is not easy. Everything that's out there is either cheesy, outdated or very elementary school looking.

So most high school teachers opt out of decor and settle for a few nice posters. I have acquired many posters in the last 4 years of teaching that I still really love in my classroom. But when I saw that my new classroom had 2 large bulletin boards, I knew I had to come up with something good...something more exciting than posters.

My mom is the ace at bulletin board design. For the longest time she worked in an elementary school media center, and was responsible for decorating the bulletin boards. Over the years I watched her make some incredible bulletin boards, which usually replicated a popular book title at the time. So my mom gave me the inspiration for my latest bulletin board... One of her bulletin boards is currently trending on Pinterest right now and I was inspired by it...

So I made this Instagrammar bulletin board, full of pictures posted by "Grammar Queen," a handle I made up. I copied the template of Instagram in photoshop (which kind of took me a long time), found the closest Instagram font (the main typing font is Arial, but the title font looks similar to a free font you can download called "Billabong") and started coming up with captions for silly grammar mistakes found in the real world. No, this is not a real Instagram account; it has all been photoshopped.

And here was the outcome...

This is a sample of what the individual pictures look like...

The only thing I would change is the fabric background. I chose white because I wanted it to be most authentic to the actual Instagram layout, but unfortunately that doesn't make the photos pop like I want them to. If I get the energy I will probably take them down and glue each photo to black or blue paper so they really pop against the white. 

My classroom is really coming along! I have my other two bulletin boards finished as homage to John Green and a pretty Pinterest inspired book with butterflies. I'll blog and post photos about them soon!


Hillary said...

This is FABULOUS! I'm a third grade teacher and I'd love to start a grammar bulletin board. Would you be willing to share this? It's not in your TpT store, or at least I didn't find it on my quick search. Thanks!

Maddie B. said...

Hi Hillary,

Thanks for the inquiry! I just added it to my TpT store. You can check it out here:

Jill Hurto said...

Where did you get the grey chevron background?

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