Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do you Glog?

Attention all my teacher-readers! Check out this amazing, easy, wonderful way to make posters for class projects digitally:

Students are using this website to not only display their knowledge and research on a topic, but to incorporate vivid images, music and video clips that correspond to the subject. It is interactive and engaging for the audience and incredibly intuitive as a program. Plus, it is free! There is an educational version ( which allows students to upload their posters directly to their teachers for grading.

I love this because it eliminates the mess of cutting and pasting, makes grading a snap, and is current. Think about it, after high school, when are people ever asked to create a poster? Never! But to be able to present something using a computer or digital format? Now that is something they may realistically be doing in college and as adults in the business world. So why are we still having students do things like make kitschy posters and magazine collages? What are they really learning? This seems like a great way to push our kids to be more tech-savvy, a necessary skill in our rapidly growing tech-based society!

Here is a sample Glog I made of all my favorite things. It was waaaay too much fun! Click here to view it in full size.

I am definitely going to be using this in an upcoming mini-research project and am thinking about using it as a fun get-to-know you assignment for next year. Pretty sweet, right?

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Lisa said...

Wow, I want to make one. I think everyone who reads this should post their own Glogster! It would be fun to see who's reading your blog and what everyone would come up with.

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